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caught - Dog & Cat embrace


use paper clips & safety pins

duct tape leaves residue

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caught - Dog & Cat embrace
A few have been cycling around

from http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/PxGpX7NQHCF/Buffy+Vampire+Slayer+Character

from http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/QRBG8IAXbaB/Which+Archer+Character+Are+You

from http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/Scwx-huKblZ/Disney+Prince+True+Love

You are an explorer. You are curious about the world around you and the way it works. You look at things closely, and often with a different perspective than everyone else. You’re quite unique, lucky you. Other occupations: researcher, teacher.
from http://www.buzzfeed.com/ashleyperez/what-career-should-you-have

from http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/lhWkmotA2cm/Which+Muppet+Are+You