caught - Dog & Cat embrace


use paper clips & safety pins

duct tape leaves residue

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a little sweeter each time
whimsical - cute Grandma
Seems like acclimation is the key for Mr. C's & my issue with being flaccid in the bedroom. He and I both need to continue to get accustomed to one another. Feel free to explore. Develop more familiarity. Know which sounds are signals for 'yes, there' and which are indicators of other preferences.

He's lovely.
Muthafuckin Adonis
Kind soul
Pillow lips
Considerate nature
Hot hands
Wonderfully goofy

Lucky me.

We went out unwittingly on our 2-month anniversary (Mar 7). We weren't paying attention to the calendar date as much as the day-of-the-week, Friday, until we were at BJ's and looking up movie times for the neighboring theater between delish pizza and cookie ice cream dessert.
By the time we got to the theater, we'd missed the show start by just enough to deter us from buying tickets even though we'd probably only missed previews.

Impromptu, we drove to Griffith Observatory and got to see Jupiter and the surface of the moon through telescopes. We stayed checking out the view of the valleys until they kicked us out. Then we necked in the car until the sheriffs caught us. Then we went to his place and had some awkward sex on the floor (he was worried that his bed was noisy and didn't want to wake his father).

Last night (Mar 8) Mr. C and I went to a gallery opening. I asked Mr. C to come home with me so he could meet my bro in the morning. My bro pit-stopped here before going on a road trip to Austin, New Orleans, and Nashville.
Mr. C helped with some brick buying and hauling (Mar 9), then we went to his place for Sunday dinner, watched a couple movies and felt each other up.


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