caught - Dog & Cat embrace


use paper clips & safety pins

duct tape leaves residue

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calendar cont'd
trek - "The Journey" by Tilly Willis
Mar 1 & 2 - Mr. C came to my place, we cooked, watched a movie, told each other love, had awkward sex, slept over, made mega breakfast, drove to his place for Sunday family dinner, and awkward sex
Mar 7 - I drove to him, we went out for dinner, I drove to Griffith Observatory, neck in the car, and awkward sex
Mar 8 & 9 - we met at an art gallery, he drove home with me, met my bro in the morning, helped with some yard work, then I drove to his place for Sunday family dinner, and romance
Mar 14 & 15 - I drove to him, we canoodle a little, then drove to meet a mutual friend at a game cafe, and I slept over at his place because I was too tired to drive home, I left soon after waking -- Mr. C's father buys him condoms with the explanation that I could intentionally go off my birth control to get knocked up
Mar 16 - I drove to him, Sunday family dinner, we watch Wild Boyz, and awkward sex


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