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this past weekend
fight - "No Great Battles" Ziggy Comic
Mar 21 - 22
Mr. C takes the bus to near my new job assisting a 98-year-old and I pick him up from the station. We meet my mom at a soda shop in downtown and get a bite before walking the farmer's market with my doggie. He stays over. We have some mad dog amazing sex before falling asleep, then some awkward sex when we wake up (Mar 22), which causes him to become very withdrawn and start a sort of "I'm fine" mantra and says he needs to go.
I walk him to the bus stop and luckily we are there a while.
After some casual conversation and coaxing, he explains how woefully disappointed he is in the awkward sex and that he pretty much feels inadequate or that I am so much more experienced and that we should maybe take a break from sex.
I didn't want to have this conversation abruptly end with the arrival of his bus, which we didn't know was even running on the weekends, so I suggest we check the schedule online back at my place.
On the short walk to my house, I point out that I, too, was awkward myself and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to move comfortably while in reverse cowgirl this morning. While we talk, he feels better and seems to relax. I tell him I'm fine with taking a break from sex, but don't think we really need to do so. I suggest instead focusing more on continuing to learn one another's sounds and happy spots and spend more time on all the other good stuff, and if we end up having sex, then we do. If not, we're still good. It's how I feel generally anyway, but it seemed like a novel idea to him.
We find out the next bus is due to arrive in 45 minutes, so we make quick quesadillas and eat leftover pastries with my mom.
We miss the bus by a half-block, and I offer to take him to the station. He waits on the porch while I get my keys and my mom asks me to run some errands and basically tells me to take her car to drive him home. I can still sense a cloud overhead, so I agree, but don't tell him I'm driving all the way to his place, though he figures it out easily while we're on the road.
He'll soon take the test to get his driver's license, so I offer some practice time in an empty parking lot not too far from his place. I notice we have some interesting communication mix-ups because he's not that familiar with demonstrating driving terms.
At his place, I ask if we can cuddle and we have a really nice caressing and kissing sesh before I have to go to get back in town to see my friend's play.


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