caught - Dog & Cat embrace


use paper clips & safety pins

duct tape leaves residue

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comical - "Grimacing Man" Leopold Boilly
Obstacles galore in petty places -- post office, printer passwords, one day late on returning an item
The 98-year-old I assist giving me attitude: "Do you want some water?" "That is what we drink, isn't it?"
Boyfriend nonsense. I ask about his boys night, if it was enjoyable, he says, "theoretically." Then, nothing else.
I tell him, "I thought you might give more info or a non riddle answer" and he says, "How long have we been dating now"
And I think, "ug, too long if that's all I'm going to keep getting from you."
Which is totally counter to how he jumped down my throat last month, "Why is that your go to is that I'm joking and not looking for a straight answer and takes a second to give" and "Like you do not intend on taking me seriously"


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